25. August 2016

Big gooseberry season: What kind of translator/interpreter are you?

It’s August and sweltering hot. And I don’t know what kind of blog post I’d like to publish this month… But hey, I am not the only one!

July and August are the two months where newspapers also struggle to find articles. Politicians are on holidays and celebrities are out of town. Nothing interesting or exciting happens. This time of year is commonly called “big gooseberry season” – a kind of dead or silly season.

Let’s talk about gooseberrys and pickled cucumbers

By the way, did you know that these “big gooseberrys” are “pickled cucumbers” in Germany? The big gooseberry season is translated as “Saure-Gurken-Zeit” in German. And as Germans don’t have any sense of humour – don’t miss the irony here – we don’t have a “silly season” but a “summer full of holes” (Sommerloch).

What kind of translator or interpreter are you?

This big gooseberry season I thought about something fun and created a small table: What_kind_of_translator_are_you

P.S.: I am a kind-hearted artist of syntax. And you? Please let me know!

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